Nikola ’Johnny’ Vuksanovic

Graphic Designer

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My name is Nikola 'Johnny' Vuksanovich.
I'm a 16 years old marketing manager, programmer and most importantly Graphic Designer.
Are you wondering how it all started?
If so here's how it began...
It was back in 2014. I started a youtube channel where I was posting gameplay and such. I was looking for someone to make me a cover design but since I was a 12yo and didn't have money to buy one I decided to design one myself. Since then I started making covers for my friends and it was all ,slowly but surely, growing. In 2016 I started working as a freelancer and earned my first money... it wasn't much but it felt amazing. Since then I'm freelancing all around, working, learning and developing myself even more.
That's my little story... hope you like it :)

You can contact me here:
Twitter: @JohnnyDsgn
Discord: Johnny...#4582


Adobe Premiere Pro
Graphic/Motion Design